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Citizen Kave in 20,000 Days On Earth.

By James Powditch for the Archibald Prize 2014.

A. Girl
AA. Sleep Sound

Girl written by Jamie Smith/Arthur Baker/john robie/sebastian maschat/erland oeye/marcin öz/r. hägg/b. wilson

Sample from ‘Out There’ by Studio, produced by Studio, originally released on the album ‘West Coast’ INF002/INFCD2 P + C Information Records 2006.

My favourite song of the year.

59.3250° N, 18.0964° E

Borgen Series 3


Philip enters the room..

Phillip: Hi! And well done!

Birgitte: Hi! (Birgitte and Phillip hug)

Phillip: Nice to meet you (shakes hands with Jeremy)

Birgitte: yeah (gestures introducing them for the first time) Jeremy…

Phillip: I’ve heard alot of good things about you

Jeremy: Thankyou, I’ve heard alot of good things about you too.

Phillip: OK

Jeremy: Uhh I just got to make a call. (walks away to make call)

Phillip: OK. So you are officially an item?

Birgitte: Yes.

Phillip: It’s weird seeing you arrive. With Jeremy and the kids. But I’m getting used to it. He seems…OK. Yeah. (Birgitte pats his shoulder and knods)

Birgitte: Shall we see to the animals?

Phillip: He’s asleep!

want yo.

Sans helmets.

Select - April 1998

Its only taken me 16 years to get this copy of Select. Seriously. I remember going to the newsagent at Port Macquarie, the one that was on the corner diagonally across from Coles (old Coles) and asking if they could get it in for me. The couldn’t.

Jean-Michel Jarre - Zoolook

$8 on vinyle at the Salvation Army. Very happy. Theres a track called Woolloomooloo.

Incident: A young man dies falling from a tall building.
Place: Stockholm
Date: 22 November
Time: Between 19.56 and 20.01
Temperature: Below zero
Verdict: Suicide.

Or is it?

Sums it up hey?