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The ultimate road film.

My life’s a vain pursuit of meaningless smiles
Why can’t God touch me with a sign
Perhaps there’s no one there answered the booth
And Death hid within his cloak and smiled

Pervy Björn Lindman Wallander in all his pervy-ness. You can pull those pervy eyes at me anytime.

Only 23 episodes left to download.

Did I mention the word perv?

A Conversation with Ingmar Bergman.

Bergman: I have been once in my life to psychiatrist ehh it is about 15 years ago because I got restless legs if you know what that is, when you lay down the legs start to (Bergman throws his legs in the air) - its terrible.

neues buch.

Cheap Monday. You just want to leave the tag on.

The Green Butchers. 

Holger: I can’t sell Bjarne’s pate It tastes like jockstrap- and your marinade and meatballs aren’t flying over the counter.

Svend: My marinade may need some work, but don’t disparage my meatballs.

Holger: They are so fucking tough that you could blow them up like balloons.

Svend: Let me stand behind the counter.Why should we be hiden away?

Holger: You’ll never stand behind the counter, and do you know why? Because you sweat and you’re too disgusting.

Svend: This isn’t working. Can’t you see it? We need to open our own shop.

Bjarne: Svend, you have sausage on your head again.

Just wanted to screen cap Mads Mikkelsen with sausage on his forehead.

Go see it. I know it probably should not be said but he makes you proud to be Australian. Proud probably isn’t the word, its more like we have one of ‘those’ kind of icon cultural persons and he is a f**king good one to have.

In two minds about the moustache even though it’s stuck on.

Citizen Kave in 20,000 Days On Earth.

By James Powditch for the Archibald Prize 2014.