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My favorite Ralf Hütter. That jaw line.

VICE Magazine press ad for West Coast by Studio.

What got me was the Grace Jones vs Durutti Column vs The Rapture.

$2 at Tempe Salvos to replace the scratched/very much loved disc that I bought 15 years ago at Port Macquarie Sanity. Why someone would give this away I have no idea. It could be my favorite sometimes.

…’you don’t really need me’.

I can’t get over the moustache.

I can’t get over the moustache.

What the fuck was that? 3 days after my Mums funeral and I am at a Autechre gig and it summed up where my head was at.

The ultimate road film.

My life’s a vain pursuit of meaningless smiles
Why can’t God touch me with a sign
Perhaps there’s no one there answered the booth
And Death hid within his cloak and smiled

Pervy Björn Lindman Wallander in all his pervy-ness. You can pull those pervy eyes at me anytime.

Is this not the greatest show ever?

Did I mention the word perv?

A Conversation with Ingmar Bergman.

Bergman: I have been once in my life to psychiatrist ehh it is about 15 years ago because I got restless legs if you know what that is, when you lay down the legs start to (Bergman throws his legs in the air) - its terrible.