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Touche Suchet.

David Suchet: Well I have ahh no statement from any political side all I can tell you is that I’ve witnessed throughout my lifetime wars ehh going on throughout the world. I’ve been to Israel, I’ve been to Palestine. I’ve been to that fantastic land and my heart breaks for innocent people who were caught up in political debates about who owns what peice of land and it breaks my heart as a human being when I watch people firing weapons at each other in order to kill each other to gain NOTHING. IT DOESN’T WORK and until human beings realise that fighting and killing and shooting weapons at each other doesn’t work AND has never worked - until we wake up to that we will have stale mate for eternity.

What he said.

Before the Frost. Lets be chronological.

Phone rings.

Kurt: Hello, Kurt speaking.

Mona: Has she arrived?

Kurt: No, that’s tomorrow. I’m going to Stockholm tomorrow.

Mona: I thought it was today.

Kurt: No, tomorrow.

Mona: It doesn’t matter. You’re proud, aren’t you? Our daughter’s a copper, just like her father. Now doesn’t that make you proud? It’s pathetic, for God’s sake…

Kurt: Have you been drinking?

Mona: No more that you have. I bet you’re holding a glass of scotch…

Kurt: You know what, I’ll call you tomorrow.

Mona: The hell you will.

My Dads crap f**kin band.

Nick Banks: My daughter ah she plays football and um all of the teams like to have a nice uh a team sponsor so I just asked uhh I just asked the chaps if they fancied puttin a few quid and havin Pulllpppp on the ahh on the shirts so ahh so we we organised that and uhh it was very funny…the uhh the first first game they put them on and all the girls were looking at them kind of going ‘PULP! (insert 14 year old girly voice) WHOSE THAT?! WHATS ALL THAT ABOUT?’ You know….and uhh yeah Jeannie just had to say Oh its me Dads crap band.

Party. Hard.

Pulp: A Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets (and car maitenance).

I keep seeing Peter O’Donoghue around Sydney. Well twice. Once on the train going home from the movie then coming out of Newtown Dendy as I was going in. Must talk to him next time to say how wonderful this all is.

Russell Senior missing in action.

The Keeper of Lost Causes.

Björn Ulvaeus: Helllloooo this is Björn of ABBA speaking to you directly from Stockkholmmm reminding you that Countdown comes to you on ABC TV throughouttt A(ooo)uuuustraliiiaa.

Scandinavian Film Festival.

1 down, 3 to go. 4 to go!

Scrap that, just won tickets to see Pioneer + Q&A with Jonathan Lapaglia. Anthony’s little bro. Awesome times.

the the on Later with Jools Holland

Jools Holland: I was lucky enough to record (coughs or sumting?) a track with the the ah some years ago and now it will be my pleasure to accompany them with it. Uncertain Smile and the the.

Jools Holland’s lack of interview skills is forgiven because of this. Sometimes it is my most favourite bit of music ever.

World Record Club - Australia

In Australia more than 3000 covers were produced - and such was the purity - no matter how diverse the designs or the subjects displayed, are immediately recognisable as World Record Club covers.

This body of work, produced in just two decades, remains a snapshot of the Australian independent studio design industry at its genesis - and in the post vinyl era of digital on-line marketing absolutely unrepeatable in style, quality and originality.

Taken/appropriated from Geoff Hocking’s ‘It’s Another World Record - Album Cover Art 1958 - 1976’ book.

The Designs are over 40 years old - but still so modern in their execution. It has woken my interest in Design again - I work as a Designer but the last few years I have just been going through the motions. I could do it with my eyes closed. The passion is returning.